Minecraft 1.8.0 Update News! – Minecraft PC

Minecraft 1.8 for PC is bringing forth many updates and features for you to play around with. Snapshot 14W04A is already available for play!

Noticeable new features in 1.8:

  • Villager changes. Yes, they actually do stuff now! I was beginning to feel bad for the little guys.
  • Connecting an item frame to a comparator will give off a signal
  • Changes to looting system. Looting now gives you a 1% to loot something rare per level you obtain!
  • Zombie pigmen + Iron golems now drop items when killing them normally.
  • Iron Golems, Snow Golems and Withers can now be spawned with a dispenser + pumpkin and or skull
  • Bushes catch fire! Better keep a water bucket on hand.
  • You can now place buttons on the ceiling/floor whereas you could only post them on the walls in 1.7
  • There have been many tweaks for better game balance
  • As always, there are many secret changes to the game. Update to 1.8 once it’s available to figure them out!

Command changes + additions:

  • /particle command has been added for toggling particles in-game.
  • There seems to be changes with the fill command allowing you to filter block types when using the command
  • /clone command has been tweaked fixing most issues that were found commonly in 1.7

Here are some images of the new update!

Looks like we will be having some bouncy fun in this next update! The picture below showcases the new bouncy block being added to the new Minecraft 1.8.0


Granite! That’s right, granite! In the next 1.8.0 update we will be seeing both raw granite and smooth granite. This will be great for map builders!


Stackable doors! In the new 1.8.0 update we will not only be able to craft 3 doors at a time but we can also stack them! This will most certainly save some space in my inventory!


Each world now has a separate thread, this means less lag! For example: Let’s say a lot is going on up top in your main world and it starts to lag, players in the end and the nether will not be affected by the lag.


Last but not least, lockable difficulty! This means you cannot change your game-mode while in-game, whereas before when you played single player you could change your difficulty at any time.


Would you like to play the newest snapshot? Follow these few easy steps to get started!

  1. Open your Minecraft Launcher
  2. Create a new profile name “Snapshot”
  3. Check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots”
  4. Make sure your snapshots profile is selected and click PLAY!


Have you played the latest snapshot or are looking forward to its release? Post a comment below!


  1. Felcon0

    why is it that this new version 1.8 is now requires on vanilla servers if it is not properly out for every one to download and apply? i cant seem to get or apply this download so it has cut me off from playing with friends

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