EPIC Jump Parkour Map – Minecraft PC

Are you a fan of parkour? Do you love a nice adrenaline rush? Then this map is perfect for you! Not only do you have to jump over lava and through the air, but you also have to jump on tiny creeper heads! This is a very well built, very challenging parkour map. Take a look at these pictures, do you think you have what it takes?

Firstly we have the rule board. Make sure you take a look at this board before starting on your parkour journey!


Along the way you will see signs set up everywhere. It would be wise to read them, they may help you out as you go along!


Oh boy. Creeper heads? This is going to be a challenge! Do you think you can make it all the way up? Give it a try!


This map is massive, it has several different stages. They are all very challenging. This map is sure to give you a nice challenge.


This is by far my favorite part of this map, the lava pit! You have to jump across diamond blocks, enchantment tables and stone! How exciting! Make sure you don’t mess up, one wrong jump and you could be burnt to a crisp!


Download Link: Epic Parkour Map Download

I hope you all enjoy this map, I couldn’t even make it past the first half though I am no parkour master. Have you played this map before or did you download it after reading this and beat it? Let us know how challenging it was for you in the comments below!

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