0.9.0 Beta Could Be Released Shortly! – Minecraft Pocket Edition

Hi everyone! I am very excited to be able to share this awesome news with you! It was recently revealed that although the 0.9.0 update is still pretty far away from being finished, exciting news about an upcoming beta has been released. This “early access” program will allow android players to play and test the 0.9.0 update while the developers still continue working on fixing bugs!

An official date for this beta has not yet been released though Tomasso did reveal that the earliest it will be coming out is March.

updThis will be the first beta stage, it will help Mojang in the long run since we will be able to give them info on bugs to fix. There will be multiple stages of beta all the way up until all the bugs are fixed and then the update can be released.


I hope you all enjoy this post, if you have any questions please post a comment below!


  1. Seth Kenway

    hell yeah bitches I’m going to be so excited when comes out!!! can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!! y’all niggas excited too? Hehehe!!! this is going to be probably the best update yet!!!!! fuck yeah!!!!! so excited!!!!!!

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